Since the dawn of humankind, stories have enabled us to connect and exchange wisdom. Today, we have an opportunity to collect and share the ageless wisdom of our fastest growing natural resource - our aging population. Our aging world is gifting us with an unprecedented opportunity to realize the potential of our growing human capital. Connect the Ages is an intergenerational storytelling and mentorship program that utilizes technology as a tool to (1) bridge the generational divide; (2) build purpose while reducing isolation; and (3) collect, preserve, and transfer wisdom. We believe that bringing young and old together will benefit community health and education, while creating a paradigm shift around how our society perceives aging.

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Bring Connect the Ages’ intergenerational storytelling program to your community! Start by sending us an email, calling, or filling out the contact form to the left.

Currently we are building our presence in Colorado and will be expanding to the West and East Coasts Spring 2016.

This is a very grassroots movement and it takes the leadership of a multi-disciplinary group to bring our programming into communities. We greatly appreciate your leadership within your community and look forward to hearing from you!

Denver, Colorado
(303) 524-5192